Delivery Pipeline View

The view delivery pipeline module handles creation of Delivery Pipeline views. To create a delivery pipeline view specify delivery_pipeline in the view-type attribute to the Delivery Pipeline View definition. Requires the Jenkins Delivery Pipeline Plugin.

View Parameters:
  • name (str): The name of the view.
  • view-type (str): The type of view.
  • description (str): A description of the view. (optional)
  • filter-executors (bool): Show only executors that can execute the included views. (default false)
  • filter-queue (bool): Show only included jobs in builder queue. (default false)
  • components (list):
    • name (str): Name of the pipeline, usually the name of the component or product.
    • initial-job (str): First job in the pipeline.
    • final-job (str): Final job to display in the pipeline view regardless of its downstream jobs. (default ‘’)
    • show-upstream (bool): Whether to show upstream. (default false)
  • regexps (list):
    • regexp (str): Regular expression to find initial jobs.
    • show-upstream (bool): Whether to show upstream. (default false)
  • aggregated-changes-grouping-pattern (str): Group changelog by regex pattern. (default ‘’)
  • allow-abort (bool): Allow cancelling a running job from the delivery pipeline view. (default false)
  • allow-manual-triggers (bool): Displays a button in the pipeline view if a task is manual (Build other projects (manual step)) from Build Pipeline Plugin. (default false)
  • allow-pipeline-start (bool): Allow starting a new pipeline run from the delivery pipeline view. (default false)
  • allow-rebuild (bool): Allow rerunning a task from the delivery pipeline view. (default false)
  • link-relative (bool): Use relative links for jobs in this pipeline view to allow for easier navigation. (default false)
  • link-to-console-log (bool): Changes behaviour of task link in delivery pipeline view to go directly to the console log. (default false)
  • max-number-of-visible-pipelines (int): Limits the number of pipelines shown in the view, regardless of how many pipelines are configured. A negative value will not enforce a limit.
  • no-of-columns (int): Number of columns used for showing pipelines. Possible values are 1 (default), 2 and 3.
  • no-of-pipelines (int): Number of pipelines instances shown for each pipeline. Possible values are numbers from 1 to 50 (default 3).
  • paging-enabled (bool): Enable pagination in normal view, to allow navigation to older pipeline runs which are not displayed on the first page. Not available in full screen view. (default false)
  • show-absolute-date-time (bool): Show dates and times as absolute values instead of as relative to the current time. (default false)
  • show-aggregated-changes (bool): Show an aggregated changelog between different stages. (default false)
  • show-aggregated-pipeline (bool): Show an aggregated view where each stage shows the latest version being executed. (default false)
  • show-avatars (bool): Show avatars pictures instead of names of the people involved in a pipeline instance. (default false)
  • show-changes (bool): Show SCM change log for the first job in the pipeline. (default false)
  • show-description (bool): Show a build description connected to a specific pipeline task. (default false)
  • show-promotions (bool): Show promotions from Promoted Builds Plugin. (default false)
  • show-static-analysis-results (bool): Show different analysis results from Analysis Collector Plugin. (default false)
  • show-test-results (bool): Show test results as pass/failed/skipped. (default false)
  • show-total-build-time (bool): Show total build time for a pipeline run. (default false)
  • sorting (str): How to sort the pipelines in the current view. Only applicable when multiple pipelines are configured in the same view. Possible values are ‘none’ (default), ‘title’ (sort by title), ‘failed_last_activity’ (sort by failed pipelines, then by last activity), ‘last_activity’ (sort by last activity).
  • update-interval (int): How often the pipeline view will be updated. To be specified in seconds. (default 2)

Minimal Example:

name: Test pipeline
description: Test jobs created by JJB.
view-type: delivery_pipeline
  - name: Test
    initial-job: Test-A

Full Example:

name: Test pipeline
description: Test jobs created by JJB.
view-type: delivery_pipeline
  - name: Test
    initial-job: Test-A
  - regexp: ^Test-A
no-of-pipelines: 1
allow-manual-triggers: yes
show-total-build-time: yes
allow-rebuild: yes
allow-pipeline-start: yes
allow-abort: yes
paging-enabled: yes
link-to-console-log: yes